Mission and Scope

The 8th IT STAR Workshop on History of Computing will focus uniquely on computer and informatics related developments in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe – projects, processes, interactions and results – within a period of 4 decades beginning in the 50-ies of last century.

Attention would be given to national and regional programs and processes that led to the construction of the first computers and their applications. The social impact of this activity would be examined with emphasis on research, education and industry. The computer pioneers – constructors, policy makers and managers – will be in the spotlight with recollections of their achievement and their motivation as role models to current and future generations.

Computing History museums in the region (real and virtual), their approach in documenting and preserving IT History, and their role in helping understand the technological processes and the driving forces of innovation, will also be presented.

An important outcome would be the publication of the edited conference proceedings.