5th IT STAR Workshop on Electronic Business  

               12 November 2010, Zagreb, Croatia



Conference Declaration About our Host
Participants About Zagreb
Program IT STAR Member Societies

Opening address by Mladen Glasenhardt, President of CITA

Bruno Lamborghini, Chairman of the Board, EITO

Diana Šimić (HR), Chair of eSEE Initiative, Zagreb University - e-Business policy and practice in
Southeast Europe

Pavol Frič (SK), Vice-president for Strategy, Slovak ICT company “DITEC” – E-Signature

Aleš Lipičnik (SI), CEO Connet d.o.o. - E-commerce customer protection in compliance with EU directive

Roland Schmuck (HU), University of Pecs - How to Get the Most Out of Company Websites

Dušan Rakić (RS), Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade – e-Business in Serbia

Giuseppe Mastronardi (IT), Politecnico di Bari - Legal Framework and Security Issues

Ranko Smokvina (HR), senior ICT consultant, Leader of Croatian e-Invoice Project (e-Invoicing) - EInvoicing in Croatia

Vasile Baltac & Florin Vrejoiu - e-Business in Romania

Gyula Szabo & Peter Bago (HU) - Global parameterization of countryspecific SAP modules

Dušan Zupančič, Director, CCI Slovenia & Aleksej Jerman Blažič, CEO SETCCE (SI) - e-Slog - Slovene project for standardisation and implementation of business standards; implementation, impact and development

Denise Leahy (IE), Trinity College, Dublin & Dudley Dolan, Chair of CEN WS on ICT Skills - The Skills Challenge for e-Business

Clementina Marinoni, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano – CEN WS on ICT Skills project “ECF in SMEs”

Mark Plunkett, ComTIA offerings in the e-Business area

Giulio Occhini & Paolo Schgör, AICA – EUCIP and ECDL for e-Business

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