Speakers and Abstracts

Gudar Beqiraj, Jorgaq Kacani & Neki FrasheriAbstract
Gudar Beqiraj is President of the Academy of Sciences of Albania. His research activity includes development of different algorithms and programs in Algol, Pascal, Fortran applied in Albania in domains such as geology, geophysics, agriculture, medicine and other.

Jorgaq Kacani is Academician (Full Member) of the Academy of Sciences of Albania and Rector of Polytechnic University of Tirana.

Neki Frasheri is Academician, Prof. Dr., Mathematician, researcher at the Center for R&D on IT and lecturer at the Faculty of Information Technology, Polytechnic University of Tirana.
Massimo BollatiAbstract
Massimo Bollati is ICT and Digital Director at TNT Post and from December 2012 the CIO of TNT Post Italy Group. His activities focus on IT and Digital products and new services, strategy M&A development and infrastructures evolution (cloud services, ERP, CRM, etc).
In addition to his professional role he is member of several institutional associations including Council member of CIO AICA Forum, Vice President of ClubTI Milano and Board Member of CIO Academy of MIP Milan Politecnico.
Nikola CostantinoAbstract
Prof. Ing. Nicola Costantino is Certified Cost Engineer ICEC and Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. He is full professor of Management and Economics in Politecnico di Bari, Italy, where he is serving as Rector from 2009. Author of more than 200 books and papers, his main research area is supply chain management, particularly in the construction industry.
Pavol FričAbstract
Pavol Frič is vice-president of DITEC a.s. and member of the Slovak Society for Computer Science (SSCS)
Bruno LamborghiniAbstract
Bruno Lamborghini is Chairman of the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO), President of AICA and professor of Information Society at the Catholic University of Milan.
Denise Leahy & Dudley DolanAbstract
Trinity College, Ireland and CEN WS on ICT Skills
    Giulio Occhini, Roberto Bellini & Paolo Schgör, AICA – Abstract
Giulio Occhini
is AICA’s Chief Executive Officer. He has graduated in physics and has held various academic and industry research-oriented positions. He was President of CEPIS in the mid-90s during a period that was crucial for introducing the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) on a pan-European scale. Giulio has held leading positions in AICA including National President and Chairman of the Board. He served as IT STAR Coordinator for the period 2006-2010.

Roberto Bellini is President of the AICA Milan Chapter and EUCIP Manager, Italy.

Paolo Schgör is ECDL and EUCIP Certification Manager at AICA.
Ranko SmokvinaAbstract
Ranko Smokvina is senior ICT consultant at infoExpert, Rijeka, Croatia. He is active is in the field of eBusiness since the introduction of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).He was leader of the Croatian national eInvoicing project and is member of the CEN eInvoicing workshop and CENCountry Information Manager for Croatia. Ranko is member of the Croatian Multi Stakeholder Forum on eInvoicing and of the Croatian National Council for eBusiness.
Martin PrzewlokaAbstract
Martin Przewloka, serves as Senior Vice President at SAP and is world-wide responsible for the Global SAP Program of Mobile Empowerment. During his tenure with SAP, he held various management roles. Previously, he was the Senior Vice President of Showroom & Trial Solutions as part of SAP Marketing; responsible world-wide for all SAP demo and presentation solutions, infrastructures, and services. Formerly, Prof. Przewloka was responsible for several SAP industry solutions as well as for SAP ERP, the SAP flagship product.
Bianca Iafelice, KnowK Ltd.
Giuseppe Mastronardi, Politecnico di Bari, Security Issues and eBusiness Skills
Vilma Misiukoniene
Vilma Misiukoniene is EU affairs manager at INFOBALT and is responsible for EU policy related to ICT industry. She serves as INFOBALT liaison with national authorities and with DigitalEurope, the European Commission and other EU institutions. Vilma was a public advisor in the Information Society Committee at the Lithuanian Parliament.
Alexander RiedlAbstract
Alexander Riedl is Deputy Head of the Unit „Knowledge Base“ in the European Commission’s Directorate-General Communications Networks, Content and Technology. At the Commission, he worked in the areas of competition enforcement and scientific advice to policy making before taking up his current job in 2012. One of his current projects is the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, a multi-stakeholder initiative to tackle the mismatch between supply and demand of jobs in Europe’s digital economy.